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Councillor raises concerns over delay of water pipe project

MIDRAND – Johannesburg Water said the project is set to begin next year due to the construction break and the need for a CLO.

Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe has raised concerns over the delay of the Vorna Valley water pipe replacement project.

Deppe said the project on Le Roux Avenue should have started at least six months ago with Johannesburg Water responsible for the project.
She added that a contract had been awarded by Joburg Water to a company to carry out the project.

Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe says the water pipe project was supposed to have started six months ago. Photo: Ofentse Ditlopo

“This is affecting the community because there are always water problems in Vorna Valley and Halfway House. There is low water pressure and no water in some instances because there is always a leak on the road being caused by the old pipe,” Deppe said.

However, Johannesburg Water’s spokesperson, Eleanor Mavimbela, said the water shortages and low-pressure issues in Vorna Valley and Halfway House could not be related to this specific pipe they have to replace and there were other issues at play that need to be looked into.
Mavimbela said the reason why the project had been delayed was because there had been a problem sourcing the steel pipe during all the Covid-19 restrictions.

“At the moment, all the resources for the project have been bought and are there for use. Right now the only issue or what is outstanding is the appointment of a community liaison officer.

“We were waiting for the [ward] councillor to be sworn in. After that is done, the councillor will advertise for a CLO [Community liaison officer] to be appointed which will take about 14 days to do,” Mavimbela added.

She added that another delay would be due to the December construction break. Therefore, the project would begin in January and take five months.

Details: Johannesburg Water 0860 562 874.

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