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Awesome road trip activities for kids

If you’re headed out on a road trip this holiday with kids, you are going to need some road trip activities to keep them busy.

There’s no need for a long, boring drive to a holiday destination with your children this festive season.

Have a buzzing, fun-filled, and exciting road trip with your children by doing these on your way.

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Road trip activities for children:

  • Road trip activity packs printable: create your word searches, road trip bingo, crosswords, and a travel journal that makes a great road trip activity; make it a colourful staple; have it bound; put it in a binder and make it reusable with plastic.
  • Magnetic road trip games: keep kids busy with game pieces that stay in place with magnets. The pack offers a variety of options, making it a multiple-use purchase and offering several road-trip games kids will love.
  • A portable DVD player and a good Disney movie or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode do the trick.
  • Audiobooks: be sure to download a few of your kids’ favourites before the trip and test them so they are ready to go in the car, and remember to charge your electronics.
  • Colour-in books and coloured pencils: a great way to keep toddlers and even young elementary school children entertained on a road trip. Be sure to bring coloured pencils or washable markers.

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