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Emergency rescue teams come together for an industry challenge in Midrand

The participants were truly tested, both individually and in groups, as their skills and fitness were put to the ultimate challenge.

Gauteng emergency services teams came together at the Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge in Midrand recently.

They put their skills and fitness to the test in a series of individual and group challenges, from simulated fire rescue trials to demanding physical tests.

According to Nick Berry, a Netcare 911 rescue officer who participated in the event, efficient teamwork in emergency rescue situations is essential for achieving better outcomes and requires strong communication skills, problem-solving capabilities, and high levels of physical fitness.

Netcare 911 members participate in the Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge in Midrand.

“In fire rescue situations, responders to a scene may be required to climb ladders, gain access to a building through windows, work their way through thick smoke with poor visibility and other challenging scenarios, all the while wearing heavy protective equipment, to reach individuals in need of assistance,” Berry explained.

Berry added emergency medical teams on the ground were, likewise, required to work as a team with firefighters and other emergency services to achieve the best and safest possible outcomes for patients and rescuers alike, in high-pressure and often unpredictable environments.

“In addition to foundational knowledge and skills, adaptability and physical fitness are essential for all emergency services personnel.

“It is encouraging and motivating to see the high level of capabilities demonstrated when emergency services teams come together to highlight key components of what it takes to be a professional in the field of emergency rescue.
“As members of this community, we at Netcare 911 wish to thank Dräger for providing us with the opportunity to participate. We also wish to congratulate our colleagues from across the province for their commendable conduct and achievements during the challenge.”

A Netcare 911 member scales a building in the Dräger Fire Combat and Rescue Challenge in Midrand.

Wimpie van Onselen, emergency and rescue services business field manager for Dräger, said physical fitness in any emergency was key to ensuring that responders have the necessary endurance to work at a fast pace and maintain a clear mind when doing critical work.

He thanked Rebel Elite Fitness for their participation in the event and for helping to raise awareness about the importance of this aspect of emergency work.

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