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Kyalami residents are concerned about reckless driving on Springwell Avenue

JRA wants a petition to install a speed hump on Springwell Avenue.

The residents of Springwell Avenue in Kyalami have been living in constant fear for their safety due to motorists speeding and driving recklessly on that stretch of tarmac.

The situation has become particularly concerning in the last year, as the noise from the engines of cars has increased, disturbing the residents’ peace. The lack of traffic calming measures in place has made it difficult for them to walk on the road or even walk their pets.

Andrew Hart, who has been a resident of Springwell Avenue for more than a decade, said the situation had worsened over the years.

“The road has become a hub for high-speed and dangerous driving, which poses a serious threat to the safety of the residents. The road is now too dangerous for the residents to walk on, and we fear that an incident could occur at any time,” added Hart.

“We request at least the installation of one speed bump in the middle of the road, which would have a significant impact on speeding. This would be a practical solution to the problem and would help reduce the risks of accidents and injuries that could occur.”

Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe confirmed that the residents had voiced their concerns to her and requested action be taken.

Deppe suggested they start a petition, which would serve as evidence of the community’s collective voice. The petition would include the signatures of all residents on the street and would be presented to the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) to urge them to address the issue at hand.
JRA spokesperson Lucia Mhlanga said although the utility had previously investigated a request for speed bumps in the area and advised the residents on the process of applying for traffic calming through a formal petition, to date, JRA had not received any petition for traffic calming measures on the road from the Office of the Speaker.

Residents should submit a petition to Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe. Photos: Comfort Makhanya
Residents should submit a petition to Ward 132 councillor Annette Deppe. Photos: Comfort Makhanya

“Yes, it would be possible to install traffic calming measures on Springwell Avenue since it is a Class 5 residential street. However, before JRA could install a traffic calming measure, JRA first needs to receive a petition for a traffic calming measure on Springwell Avenue from the Office of the Speaker,” said Mhlanga.

The person submitting the petition should ensure that it is submitted to their local ward councillor for consideration, alternatively, the lead petitioner is at liberty to submit the petition at the Office of the Speaker if the ward councillor is not available.

The JMPD spokesperson Superintendent Xolani Fihla said they were not aware of such driving happening on Springwell Avenue ‘but since the matter has now been brought to the attention of the Regional Office, we will deploy officers from time to time’.

“Additionally, the speeding offences as alleged will be reverted to the department’s speed section. The matter of speed calming measures should be forwarded or submitted to JRA via the responsible councillor of the area.”

Lead 2: The process for a petition submission is as follows:

  •  The petition should be submitted to the local ward councillor
  • The ward councillor will then submit the petition to the speaker’s office based on the 5th Floor, Forum1, Braam Park, 33 Hoofd Street in Braamfontein
  •  The speaker’s office will then allocate the petition number and forward it to the JRA marketing and communications unit
  •  JRA’s marketing and communications unit will then forward it to the Traffic Engineering Department for investigation and reporting
  •  Only then will the request be attended to once the investigation has been completed.

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