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A night of laughter for locals at Vorna Valley’s Swiss Club

Karou ‘KC’ Charou delivers unforgettable night of laughter at Vorna Valley's Swiss Club.

The Vorna Valley Swiss Club was filled with people from all walks of life to watch the comedy of Karou ‘KC’ Charou.

The hilarious comedian did not disappoint as he left everyone in the audience, young and old, in stitches throughout his show.

The show took place on March 16 and afterwards many in attendance shared their thoughts on KC’s witty style of incorporating serious current affairs into hilarious jokes.

Nishie Heeralal said he is a brilliant entertainer. “It was an amazing show, everything about his jokes is amazing. He is so in touch with the community, which makes him very special. I think he is amazing and that’s why I always tell him to keep up the good work.”

Tristan Ratali said he had a wonderful time and will always support KC’s comedy shows because he resonates with his jokes.

“He is very funny and the show brought back memories. I think it was very informative and amusing because he touched on various topics and was able to incorporate them all together. I will always be 100% behind him regarding support,” added Ratali.

Malcolm Ellan added, “This was a brilliant show and he is moving in the right direction. He brought us back to our roots, remembering our time of growing up together. It is my fourth time seeing him and I follow him and his work very closely.”

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