Math Restaurant inspired by hardware

Puleng Mathabatha says seeing his new business venture take off, is like seeing completing a challenging puzzle.

A successful hardware business in deep rural Limpopo inspired Puleng Mathabatha to open Math Restaurant in Waterfall City.

Owwner, Puleng Mathabatha, said he draws inspiration from his parents’ thriving hardware store, Math Electrical Hardware Store, established in 1974 in Lebowakgomo.

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The name ‘Math,’ represents the first four letters of his family’s surname, symbolising the legacy that now drives his new venture of culinary and dining.

“The visionary behind the newly opened establishment. It’s been a journey that’s taken time, dedication, and a deep connection to my family’s history. To see [it] become a reality is incredibly fulfilling – like seeing the pieces of a long-awaited puzzle finally come together,” Mathabatha told patrons at the launch.

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