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Ria Sebetsa advises property sellers to take caution on criminals targeting properties up for sale

Ria Sebetsa advises property sellers to take caution as criminals target properties for sale.

The CEO of Ria Sebetsa Security Service Danny Maduray has raised the alarm about a disturbing trend of criminals targeting properties for sale in Midrand.

These cunning criminals, including some female assailants, are prowling the area in search of properties that have a ‘For Sale’ sign outside. Once they find one that interests them, they pose as buyers and request a viewing.

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“But this is where things take a dangerous turn. As soon as they gain access to the property, they pull out guns or knives, threatening the owners or agents and robbing them of their valuables,” said Maduray.

This is becoming a major cause for concern for residents in Midrand, and Maduray is urging people to be vigilant and extra cautious.

To make matters worse, the selling prices of Midrand’s homes and vacant land have increased significantly in 2021, which has attracted a surge of younger buyers – 91% of recent buyers are aged 49 or younger, according to Lightstone Research.

“Criminals see this as the perfect opportunity to strike, and they’re not letting it go to waste,” added Maduray.

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However, there are ways to protect yourself and your property. Maduray advised homeowners to be careful and only allow scheduled viewings by vetted potential buyers.

He also recommended not placing a ‘For Sale’ sign outside the property, as it could attract unwanted attention.

“Instead, work with a reputable property sales agency to ensure your safety. Additionally, residents should keep their premises locked and secured at all times, and ensure their alarm systems are functioning optimally and linked to the 24/7 control room.

“If you are a resident in the area, do not let these criminals get the best of you. Stay alert, be cautious, and take the necessary steps to protect yourself and your property.”

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