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Midrand-based cyclist to embark on an 865km cycling journey

An avid cyclist shares his motivation behind cycling 865km in 34 hours from December 18.

Meli Ndlovu, a 42-year-old cyclist based in Midrand, is embarking on a courageous journey to cycle 865km from Midrand to Bulawayo Pumula North in Zimbabwe, his birthplace.

His mission is to raise awareness about the devastating impact of drug abuse on the youth of South Africa.

Ndlovu is a professional cyclist who rides for both Team View Cycling Group and Team Vitality. He discovered his passion for cycling in 2015 when he was invited by Marc Kourie to join the team, and he has been excelling ever since.

This is not the first time that Ndlovu has taken on a bold cycling challenge. He has previously cycled long distances to raise awareness for various causes, including Covid-19 and blood pressure.

However, his latest journey is particularly significant as he hopes to spread a powerful message about the dangers of drug abuse.

Meli Ndlovu is embarking on a courageous journey to cycle 865km from Midrand to Bulawayo Pumula North.

Speaking to Midrand Reporter, the avid cyclist shared his motivation behind cycling 865km in 34 hours from December 18.

According to him, his main drive was to raise awareness about the dangers of drug addiction and the devastating impact it has on individuals and society as a whole.

Through this incredible feat of endurance, Ndlovu aims to inspire young people to stay away from drugs and make positive choices for their future.

“Drugs are incredibly harmful, especially to teenagers who may drop out of school and abandon their studies in favour of drug use. With this in mind, I am passionate about promoting a message of hope and encouraging everyone around the globe to say no to drugs.”

Despite the challenges that come with long-distance cycling, Ndlovu has achieved great success in his cycling career.

He has managed to win 31 medals from various cycling events, including the 50km Cycling for Good, 167km Race to The Sun, Joburg Cycle Challenge 947, Ride For Eye Sight, and East Rand classic.

Incredibly, Ndlovu’s longest cycling distance was an impressive 1 600km Ultra Vital Breakfast Cycle Challenge from Durban to Gweru, which he completed in just five days.

He believes that to be a successful cyclist, one needs to have intense concentration, a focus on safety, and a powerful determination to improve their health system.

Ndlovu also shared that he used to race in Zimbabwe, cycling at Harare Affiliate with Team Hokoyo, where he obtained his cycling licence. In his home country, he cycled even more, covering the distance from Bulawayo to the Botswana Republic, which is approximately 300km.

Despite his many accomplishments, Ndlovu’s ultimate dream is to compete in next year’s Union Cycliste Internationale Tour de France, a highly prestigious event that would cement his status as a world-class cyclist.

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