Cosatu ‘go-fast’ against e-tolling

JOHANNESBURG - A convoy of about 50 vehicles driven by Cosatu supporters cruised on Gauteng's e-tolled highways to show disapproval of government's decision to implement the user-pay system in the province.

The drive-slow started on the N12 and proceeded onto the N1 and M1 North where it later moved to Braamfontein at Cosatu House. The three-hour action drew some support from motorists who hooted in approval.

Cosatu’s Gauteng chairperson Phutas Tseki said, “The go-slow was a go-fast, because we were driving at 60 and the policemen and traffic officers were behind us.”

Tseki said the action went well due to a positive response from some motorists as the convoy grew to about 120 vehicles.”The other area that I think was positive, is those people who are not our members but show support for what we are doing as Cosatu,” he said. “The impact is there and we think they are the people who are going to take the message to government.”

Tseki expressed the trade union’s anger at government’s decision to sign the e-toll bill into law. “We just hope that we are going to go back to the task team of the ANC, Cosatu and government, so that we can resolve this matter.”

He said government’s suggestion that people from other provinces should not be paying for Gauteng’s Freeway Improvement Project was unscientific.

“Look at what Gauteng is producing in terms of the annual GDP, more than 38 percent. That money doesn’t only service Gauteng, it services the country.”

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