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Pienaar mother in custody after daughter is found raped and murdered

According to the police, the 10-year-old girl was alone at home with her younger siblings when these events took place.

The Pienaar SAPS took a woman into custody after her 10-year-old daughter was found to have been raped and murdered by an unknown suspect in her house in Pienaar on Sunday morning, May 19.

According to a Mpumalanga police spokesperson, Colonel Donald Mdhluli, the police also have a case of child negligence against the woman. “The rape charge was added when the information gathered by the police showed that the girl had been found naked. We have also discovered that the mother had left the girl and her two younger siblings alone in the house.”

Mdhluli said the police are hopeful that the woman will appear in court soon.

This matter takes place against the backdrop of the national commemoration of Child Protection Week and has caused community uproar in Pienaar.

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Mdhluli encouraged all parents to play a primary role in taking care of their children. “We urge parents to look after their children and to not leave them alone at home while they go out and have a good time. Parents should not leave children to be cared for only by teachers, community members or social workers,” he said.

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