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Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature Speaker calls on everyone to go and vote

During an interview with the Provincial Legislature’s Speaker, she explained the importance of voting and how it allows you to have a voice.

As the country prepares to go to the polls, the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature’s Speaker, Makhosazane Masilela, says it is important for the people of Mpumalanga and South Africa to go out and vote.

During an interview with Mpumalanga News on Thursday May 16, she said the right to vote was not easily achieved. “People died for this right to vote. We are encouraging the youth, elderly and women to go and vote.

Your vote is your right and your voice. If you do not vote, it means you are voiceless. You must make sure you vote for the government you want. You will be able to do follow-ups and make complaints in terms their manifestos. You will be able to say you were promised this and that, but this was not achieved,” she said.

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She said the upcoming election is also important for the Provincial Legislature, and that they have done voter education across the three districts.

“There will be three ballots, the provincial, regional and the national one. It is important for everyone to go and vote. The population of Mpumalanga has grown; the Legislature will be growing after the elections, too. We have 30 members, and after the elections, we will have 51.”
Masilela said it is essential for the people of Mpumalanga to go out in numbers to vote for the party of their choice.

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