Decorating tips for awkward, empty spaces

How to decorate your awkward spaces and make them fit into the aesthetic of your home.

Decorating is often a fun way of rearranging your space to make it reflect your personal taste and style. While this is so, it can be challenging to decorate when you’re unsure of where to start from. Certain spaces, particularly empty spaces, can look undone and ‘forgotten’ when left undecorated and look overdone when decorated.

Here are some tips on decorating those awkward, empty spaces in your home:

1. You can never go wrong with plants


Plants on a window sill


Plants are great for decorating because they can fit into any space. Empty windowsill? Place a potted plant on it. Empty space behind the stairs? Plants. Empty table? Plants. You catch the drift. You really can never go wrong with plants. In addition to filling empty spaces, they also add a lively ambiance to the home.

2. Stylish bookcases for the win


A stylish bookcase


A stylish bookcase can be the answer to an awkward empty space in your home. The empty space behind your stairs or your awkwardly spaced hallway can look better if you add a decorative bookcase to make your home’s aesthetic more cohesive.

3. Add some art


A feature wall


Empty walls can obstruct your home’s beauty. Putting art on the wall is a great way of filling empty wall space. A gallery wall, which is a collection of many art pieces on a wall, can be the edgy touch your home needs to take it to the next level visually.

4. Bar carts are always fun – for more than one reason!


a bar cart


Bar carts are currently a decor trend and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. A bar cart is a good way to fill empty space because it can serve both a functional and decorative purpose. Not only will your drinks be more accessible but your space will look good too.

5. A mirror and ornaments can fill empty spaces too


A mirror


Put a mirror against a wall, with ornaments next to it, to fill an awkward empty space. This will look aesthetically pleasing and bring the entire space together.

Use any one of the five decorating tips above to make your empty spaces look less awkward using timeless decor styles.

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