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Show your home some love and up its market value!

Be it a recent fixer upper purchase or a home you’ve lived in for ages - try these five tips to add value to your house without breaking the bank.

Not feeling the look of your home right now? Scrolling through reams of Pinterest pics, looking for inspiration, but not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Be it a recent fixer upper purchase or a home you’ve lived in for ages – try these five tips from Builders to instantly add value to your house without breaking the bank.
  1. Stylish walls: Your best friend in the quick and easy home reno department is a fresh coat of high-quality paint. Before you look for the perfect colour (we love the greige trend), start by getting the texture of your walls right. Nothing says outdated like that textured, popcorn finish. You want a soft, clean surface. Get some scraping tools to get rid of that rough texture before you start painting for an immediate facelift.
  2. Create the illusion of space and light: Everyone loves an open, light and spacious room and it’s easier to achieve than you might think. Remove the chunky, heavy furnishings such as elaborate draping and replace it with vertical blinds or shutters. This will not only allow more sunlight into your home, but also add to its square footage. Add a large mirror to your space and ‘double’ its perceived size or hang some floating shelves instead of having chunky storage pieces that take up space.

  3. Tweak your bathroom and kitchen: Most of us dream about a spa-like bathroom or a luxe kitchen, but reality is that these two rooms are the most expensive spaces to renovate. Beat the bank by working smart, with smaller updates, instead of major remodeling. Consider changing your showerhead, taps, basin or sink to something more modern, and add a tiered shelf to store your towels, toiletries or plants. Or create a new tiled feature wall in your shower or stove area.
  4. Bye bye carpets and rugs: A shaggy carpet or a tired-looking rug are instant downers in a home. We’re not saying rip out all your flooring, but start by replacing stained or worn pieces with fresher, new ones. You may also want to consider bamboo or laminated flooring options that are easier to clean and oh-so stylish.
  5. Give your lighting a lift:  Still have that nineties ceiling fan? Get with the 2020s and find more trendy – or timeless – light fixtures and air-conditioning appliances that are in line with your budget and energy-saving goals.

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