3 arrested after discovery of poached animal parts in Gauteng

Dagga and slaughtered animals (a serval cat, porcupine, blesbuck and ostrich) were found in farm workers' possession.

Three farm workers have been detained for being in possession of dagga as well as parts of different poached animals. This comes after anti-poaching unit members came upon fresh blood and intestines.

A statement from Oostermoed Security explained that Rika Bauer was doing routine patrols at 12:19 on Wednesday on the eastern side of the African Hills Agricultural Holdings near the Stallard farm. She found tracks, fresh blood, and the intestines of an ostrich which was covered with grass, and she requested assistance.

Upon further investigation, they found the remains of a zebra that was slaughtered in a snare.

“Oostermoed’s assistance was requested and an operational procedure was planned and conducted,” the statement read.

During the operation, they found a slaughtered serval cat, a porcupine, a blesbuck and ostrich as well as a substantial amount of dagga hidden in different workers’ houses and surrounding locations.

“Three workers from Stallard farm have been detained in connection with various offenses.”

A word of thanks went out to Henri van der Ryst and the Oostermoed team for the professional manner in which they conducted the search operation.

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