Watch: Sardine Run – Silver fish netted on the KZN South Coast

Sardines have been netted in Hibberdine, Pumula, Manaba and Margate.

The Sardine Run has officially started as shoals of the little silver fish were netted on the South Coast early this morning.

A regular seine netter, Tony Outar, said he netted about 400 crates in Hibberdene.

It is believed that shoals are active between Hibberdene and Port Edward.

Mike Fraser from Nyaka Nyaka netted between 150 to 200 crates in Pumula.

“Luck was on our side and we were able to net. There are a lot of interest and people are enjoying it.”

He said a crate is being sold for about R700 upwards.

Outar said they started selling at R1000 a crate in the morning and now they have gone down to R800.

Fraser said, sometimes the first shoal is the only shoal, but he thinks more sardines are on the way.

It is believed nettings also happened in Manaba and Margate.

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