Audi Q8 and the potent SQ8 receive an update for 2024

The German automaker's new models will make your heart go vroom when it revs onto the motoring scene next year.

Audi’s 2024 updates to the Q8 and its high-performance counterpart, the SQ8, bring exciting enhancements that breathe new life into the flagship SUV. Drawing inspiration from the electric Q8 e-tron, Audi has introduced a fresh design with notable changes to the exterior and interior technology.

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Despite being a mid-life update, the fundamental design of the Audi Q8 remains largely intact, ensuring continuity in its visual identity. However, subtle tweaks have been introduced to maintain a contemporary appearance.

The most prominent change up front is the redesigned grille, accompanied by larger air intakes in the front bumper and a revamped exhaust setup across the line-up. The SQ8 elevates the stakes with a redesigned front spoiler, rear diffuser, and accents in aluminium on the grille, side-view mirrors, and air intakes. For those seeking a more menacing look, optional packages are available to finish the window trim, bumper trim, and grille in gloss black.

Image: Audi.

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Audi has also expanded the colour palette, introducing striking shades like Sakhir Gold, Ascari Blue, and Chili Red. Visual enhancements are further complemented by five new alloy wheel designs ranging from 21 to 23 inches.

Innovations extend to the lighting as well. Audi has reconfigured the Matrix LED headlights and offers high-tech laser lights that enhance the high beam range. Top-tier models feature daytime running lights with four different lighting signatures, controllable via the infotainment screen. The rear light bar has adopted a cleaner design and is now compatible with Audi’s digital OLED lighting units.

Stepping inside, while the overall hardware remains unchanged, the infotainment system has gained compatibility with third-party applications like Spotify and Amazon Music. The updated Audi Virtual Cockpit now showcases more graphics related to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. Additionally, the options for interior trim have been expanded, offering nine decorative inlays, including fine gran ash, carbon twill matte, and aluminium linear silver grey.

Image: Audi.

Beneath the surface, the 2024 Audi Q8 offers various engine options depending on the market of course. The line-up begins with the 45 TDI Quattro, featuring a three-litre turbodiesel engine producing 170kW and 500Nm of torque. Audi claims this model can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 7.1 seconds, with a top speed of 226km/h.

Stepping up, the 50 TDI quattro boasts 210kW and 600Nm of torque. This results in a quicker 0-100km/h time of 6.1 seconds and a top speed of 241km/h. For those seeking petrol power, the Q8 55 TFSI is powered by a three-litre, six-cylinder turbocharged engine, delivering 250kW and 500Nm of torque. It can sprint from 0 to 100km/h in 5.6 seconds and reach an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h.

Image: Audi.

The SQ8 TFSI, the performance flagship, is driven by a potent four-litre turbocharged V8 engine producing an impressive 373kW and 770Nm of torque. Accelerating from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 4.1 seconds, it boasts an electronically limited top speed of 250km/h.

In terms of the chassis, Audi offers flexibility with suspension options, including standard steel spring suspension, electronically-controlled adaptive air suspension, and its sportier variant. The SQ8 comes standard with the sportier suspension and all-wheel steering, while options like the sport differential with torque vectoring and the electromechanical active roll stabilisation system are available. Audi engineers have also optimised the steering system across all Q8 variants for enhanced daily driving comfort.

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