The Bats take fans down memory lane

The Bats entertained more than 300 people at the Atterbury theatre on Saturday.

One of South Africa’s most durable bands, The Bats, entertained more than 300 fans in the Atterbury Theatre in the East of Pretoria on Saturday.

They kept the audience spellbound and laughing the night away with their brand of memorable music and side-splitting humour.

“It is absolutely fantastic. We are having a wonderful time, going down memory lane and everything is just great,” Roulé Maritz, one of the fans, said at the show.

The band kept its promise of taking the audience on a thrilling taxi ride from the Cape to the townships and from the roaring sixties to the present day.

It was an unforgettable ride. And all four wheels remained intact and as roadworthy as ever: Eddie Eckstein, Paul Ditchfield, Pete Clifford and Derek Gordon.

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