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Pre-school teacher conned out of cellphone

GREENSIDE- Don't help - you can get conned.

Bronwyn Doust’s kindness was thrown back in her face after falling victim to crime.

Doust (19) was conned by a male and female on 7 October.

“I was walking home on my way from the pre-school where I teach when a white bakkie stopped to ask for directions,” said Doust.

With no clue about the location these two sought, Doust informed them she could not help.

The two, seemingly ordinary citizens, asked to use Doust’s phone.

“They said they wanted to make a call and the woman just took my phone and they drove off toward Greenway Road,” recalled a devastated Doust.

As a pre-school teacher, Doust just wanted to help.

“I believe in helping people but this turned out ugly because they stole from me. I just want people not to help these two whites in a white van because something like this might happen again,” she said.

A case has been opened at Parkview Police Station.

“The police were very responsive, they attended to the matter immediately and the security companies in the area came to my house to help.

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