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An early Christmas for little ones

BERGBRON – An early Merry Christmas at Die Burger High School.


Dozens of little ones were spoiled with an early Christmas celebration at Hoërskool Die Burger on 16 December.

Children from Newlands, Claremont, Montclare, Vrededorp, Jan Hofmeyer and surrounds were welcomed with heaps of presents and a hearty lunch, supplied by Willie and Charmaine Brits.

Children wait to receive their presents on 16 December.

With traditional boeremusiek playing in the background and the Florida fire department even showed up to show the kids around the fire engine. They found the hosepipe especially useful to help them cool off in the hot sun.


Florida firefighters also joined in on the day.

The day was organised by Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal, along with other stakeholders like Ignite Community Projects.

Ignite’s Wilma Nel said Cronje and the organisation have taken hands, along with their sponsors, to make this event possible.

“Ignite Community Projects has been serving food to the underprivileged children at Hoërskool Die Burger for the past several months during second break. We are also reaching out to the surrounding communities along with the God vir Ons Bedieninge church on the school’s grounds,” she said.

Leon Cronje from Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal, said he specifically aimed at underprivileged white communities. These communities, he felt, are mostly ignored by both the government and society.

“We need more exposure on these sore centres. These people do not receive any help. We struggle to find sponsors. Most of what we receive come from our own people,” he said.

Santa with little Leandi Kleinhans from Claremont.

At the end of the day, Cronje said, charity begins at home.

Also joining the day was Pastor Nomsa van Vuuren from the TRT Church in Meyerton. She said that helping was not about colour or even religion.

“We want to help everybody wherever we can. People here live in back rooms, there are no lights or water and high unemployment. How does one help such a person? This is why we came here today, to find out how we can help,” she said.

Leonella Cronje, Wilma Nel, Willie and Chairman Brits and Leon Cronje.


Presents are about to be handed out to children.


Jakes en Ray en die Skoenflappers from Meyerton play boeremusiek on the day.

If you would like to assist Cronje with any donations for Boere Gemeenskap Transvaal, you can contact him on 073 631 7914 or send him an email at lcronje6@gmail.com

If you would also like to assist with donations for the surrounding community and soup kitchen, you can call Nel on 071 680 4747 or Pastor Sydney Avenant on 072 199 7755.

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