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The rally keeps going with Douglas Mumba

NORTHCLIFF – Local tennis coach helps his players prepare for lockdown, aims to publish videos to help further.

There are aspects of outdoor sports that can be practised indoors, or at least off of the court or field and in a small garden, according to a local tennis coach.

Northcliff Country Tennis Club and Mini Tennis coach, Douglas Mumba had to cancel a tournament he had prepared due to the lockdown.

In its place, Mumba hosted a week-long workshop with small groups of tennis players to help prepare them for time on their own.

“Many of my children have tennis courts at home but many do not so I worked on helping their skills that they can practise alone, like volleying against a wall,” Mumba said.

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“I learnt a lot about what some of my players can and cannot do and in the next few days I will post videos online with drills that can be done at home.”

The videos he will post will incorporate important health aspects in a fun way too. Though he was still toying with ideas, Mumba plans to have hand sanitisers and tissue paper feature in the videos in some way.

He said in this difficult period it would be best for young tennis players to focus on something positive, some form of normality they can deal with.

“Since we cancelled all coaching I assessed all my players’ shots and skills and helped them prepare to improve by themselves.”

He concluded that he believed his players could come out of this even better than when it started if they remain positive.

Details: Douglas Mumba 081 073 4615.

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