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When cooking is your dream, nothing will stand in your way

NORTHCLIFF – Local chef, Rebecca Lund, or BextheChef as she is better known, has created a business out of her passion for cooking.

When cooking is your dream, your kitchen becomes your nirvana.

Come rain or shine, good times or bad, for Rebecca Coral Lund, or BextheChef as she is more commonly known to her loyal customers, being in the kitchen has been an unwavering dream since the age of 10.

After completing her Cordon Bleu training in Cape Town in 2019, and working in the restaurant industry for only three months before the Covid-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Lund decided to take her future by the horns and started her cooking from home kitchen. “I started this business because of Covid – because of the instability then, and now still, I wanted to start my future with certainty. Having grown up with entrepreneurial role models, such as my mom and gran, I always knew that I wanted to start my own business,” said Lund.

And start her own home business she did. BextheChef was born and has boomed in popularity among Northcliff residents. Lund’s adverts and menus can often be found on local Facebook pages, with the community often commending the fantastic meals that she creates.

What makes Lund’s meals unique is her passion for flavour and quality. She told the Northcliff Melville Times that her cooking hero is none other than Heston Blumenthal, which gives our foodie readers some clues into her personality, and her food style. “I love creating intricate desserts with beautiful plating presentations,” she said.

While her business may still be small now, Lund dreams of growing into an empire of her own, with the help of her family and boyfriend, who currently all assist her when she needs it. “Ultimately I would like to grow the business and have lots of different departments that all run independently,” she said hopefully.

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Details: Rebecca Lund 083 488 7421 or BextheChef on Facebook.

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