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Keep safe on the long road

JOBURG– Here are some important tips for motorists hitting the long road this festive season.

Here are important road safety tips to follow during the festive season.

The festive season is an opportunity for many to get away from their troubles and hit the long road.

The Automobile Association of South Africa has warned that statistics for road collisions peak during the festive season, and urge motorists to prepare well in advance for their trips away.

The association said, “If you are going to be one of the hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers traversing the length and breadth of our beautiful country, be sure you pack the right driving attitude in before anything else. Nothing compares to driving in a calm, measured, way and obeying the rules of the road will ensure you aren’t saddled with a fine. You will also be setting a good example for passengers, particularly young people who will be learning to drive soon.”

Here are a few tips motorists should follow:

  • Buckle up. This includes all passengers, including toddlers under three who, legally, must be in a child restraint, and children 1.3m or shorter who also need to be in booster seats.
  • Obey all the rules of the road, and drive to the conditions. If the road is marked 120km but visibility is poor, decrease your speed to ensure clear vision of the road ahead.
  • Check your vision before embarking on a long journey.
  • Inspect tyres, including the spare tyre, and make sure they have sufficient tread for the road ahead, and check you have all the necessary tools to change a tyre if needed, including a red warning triangle. This includes tools for a tyre change on any vehicle you are towing.
  • Make sure your book your car is safe for a trip. Book your car in for a service as soon as possible to make sure everything is in order.
  • Do not drive tired. The AA suggests that drivers stop and rest every two hours or 200km driven.
  • Focus on the road and on other drivers. Distracted driving diminishes reaction time.
  • Plan you route ahead of your trip. Take time and arrive at your destination calm and rested. A good place to start is on the AA’s website at www.aa.co.za, which will give you road conditions across South Africa.

Details: www.aa.co.za

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