How has crime impacted you?

The paper went out into the community to ask community members the effects crime has had on them.

The effects of crime, whether one has had a personal experience with it or not, are so far-reaching.

People have now had to go to extreme lengths just to ensure their safety and that of their families.

To find out how crime had affected those around us, the Northcliff Melville Times asked members of the community how crime had impacted them.

Here is what a few had to say…

KEZIA MEYER: Crime has made me wearier of my surroundings. I lock doors and make sure my windows are locked too, and it makes one paranoid. At home, we have all these security measures but still won’t have an open door. Crime makes one feel like they are living in a cage almost. We live in a beautiful country and these are the sort of things you do not want to have to do.
MARTIN NOLTE: Though I have never been personally affected by crime, I still take measures to safeguard myself and my family. We also have a Neighbourhood Watch programme in our street.
AUXILLIA KAMEDZA: I have had two incidents that personally affected me. One of them was a burglary at my home. This makes you feel violated and you end up not feeling safe in your home. You are always on alert and making sure the doors are locked.

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