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Patroller takes on crime in Melville

Dipuo Motlabane is a volunteer patroller on a mission to make Melville safer again.

For Dipuo Motlabane, being a 7th Street Community Blue Patroller is something she draws great pride from.

The volunteer patroller sees her work as not only benefitting Melville but the country too. The crimes she noted as being prevalent in this community are the stealing of cellphones and car theft.

Motlabane has little fear as a patroller. “I am not scared. When you are a patroller you should be confident in who you are and in your bravery. Facing whatever challenges you face head-on on the streets.”

She has found working in Melville to be an enjoyable environment. Many people have shared with her that now that the patrollers are more visible in the community, everything will get better in the neighbourhood.

To the community she now serves, she would like for them to know that the patrollers are there to protect them. “We too want Melville to be clean and safe and for them to know that for as long as we are here, there is nothing to be scared of.”

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