Forging a path away from GBV

The journey of Neo Ramatlotlo is fighting gender-based violence within schools in the community.

In the heart of our community, hope shines brightly in the form of a dedicated young man, who has a strong commitment to fighting gender-based violence (GBV), by reshaping the narrative of our society.

Meet Neo Ramatlotlo (21), a Growing Champions change leader, and passionate advocate for social justice and equality, whose journey is inspiring change one conversation at a time.

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Neo Ramatlotlo.
Neo Ramatlotlo.

From a young age, Ramatlotlo recognised the inequalities and injustices that are attacking our society. “I am passionate about moving our nation in a new direction, away from violence, and creating safe spaces for our people to thrive. I do this through my Growing Champions community project called FearLESS Together,” he explained.

Ramatlotlo engages with learners through talks and workshops on GBV, his approach is both educational and empowering, creating safe spaces for dialogue and reflection.

“My goal for the project is to help reduce bullying, theft, drug consumption, and GBV within schools. I want boys to understand the power of their masculinity and the responsibility that comes with it. One of these responsibilities is the type of future they should strive for and it starts with the choices that they make,” he says.

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He explains that encouragement from his coach Sam and her teachings on the importance of service is what inspired him to make the change. Understanding that most of these kids come from different home backgrounds he tries to speak to them in the manner they understand.

Neo Ramatlotlo.
Neo Ramatlotlo.

“As a person who has faced many challenges growing up but has been given a guiding light through Growing Champions mentorship I educated myself further. I pray and believe that my presence may just help them shift their perspectives on what’s important. To see there is a healthy way to be fully alive and free from the chains of addiction, poverty, abuse, and criminal behaviour.”

Beyond his talks, Ramatlotlo is actively involved in programmes aimed at supporting survivors and preventing future instances of GBV under his project FearLESS Together.

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