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Meet the Sintech Croozers

A young fun cycling crew is making its way around Brixton, find out about them here.

Jayden Jacobs from Brixton writes:

Hi, I am Jayden Jacobs, meet my crew, the Sintech Croozers!

Their names are Ayanda Ngwenya, Narvin Kamodzi, Khutso Mokoena and Tino Mahachei.

Narvin Kamodzi and Khutso Mokoena: Photo: Neo Phashe

Although we have only been a crew for about a month we were brought together because of our shared love for cycling. As we only have been around for such a short time, we are not all that well known in the community. The idea for our crew came after we all realised we each had a love for bikes.

We have our bikes custom built, buying parts from stores such as Westdene Cycles and Lenasia Cycle Centre. Mine was custom-made – I used two bikes and put them together, but I hired a welder to put it all together for me.

Ayanda Ngwenya. Photo: Neo Phashe

I spray painted it myself, using the colour cream; I love this colour and I think it suits my bike and style.

Our bikes are pretty low to the ground as we follow Stance Culture. This culture includes drop cars with low suspension and drop bikes – it’s a really cool culture, we love it! People will most likely see us cycling around Brixton as we all mostly live here. Those who want to join our crew would have to live in Jozi.

Jayden Jacobs. Photo: Neo Phashe

We also cycle in Florida, Roodepoort or you could even find us in Soweto, anywhere there is an event, we are there.

Narivn Kamodzi. Photo: Neo Phashe

I am the master of tricks – my favourite tricks are wheelie wheel, spinning, and all sorts of stuff!

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