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The importance of friends in shaping our lives

Brandcliff House Private School learner Jessica Mey writes about emotions and the benefits of healthy friendships.

Jessica Mey writes:

It’s funny how three simple words can express how deeply you long for someone’s energy. Their voice, their warmth, their touch – I miss you.

It’s strange how three simple words can describe your dislike for someone’s actions, words, aura and even their manner – I hate you.

It’s amazing how three simple words can display how you would live for them, give for them, and how you couldn’t picture yourself without them. And most importantly, how you have been saved by them ’ I love you.

It really interests me.

How can these deep, deadly and brutal feelings become shaved away by a razor to portray such vague and cliched phrases that are said in three syllables It’s intriguing.

To think that last year I believed that I had no interests, passions or hobbies.

It is through my friends who constantly better me, who made me realise my talents – one of them being writing.

Thank you all for making me realise my potential.

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