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WCSS helps shelter with food

Windsor Community Support Services also collect sanitary pads every month to donate to the schools.

Windsor Community Support Services (WCSS) used the funds donated by the Humanity First to buy various food items and delivered these to Windsor West shelter to prepare meals for 150 needy people in the area in celebration of World Hunger Month.

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Another 40 cooked lunches were donated and delivered to Lesedi Aftercare in Windsor East.

Food donated by the Windsor Community Support Services.
Food donated by the Windsor Community Support Services.

Humanity First is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that serves disaster-struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the less-privileged communities of the world.

WCSS liaison manager Mathabo Bekimbia-Tchoffo explained that this is not the first time Humanity First made a donation.

“In 2021 we received a donation of 75 food parcels to distribute to families that were struggling to put food on the table. As we know, most people lost their jobs during the Covid-19 lockdown. They reached out to WCSS and donated food parcels to the needy.”

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People were very grateful and appreciative to receive a healthy lunch – they were served grilled chicken, rice and vegetables.

“Is not every day they get to be served a meal with meat. It had a great impact – for instance, Windsor West shelter alone houses about 32 males. The shelter depends entirely on donations, and it serves breakfast, lunch and super not only for people who live at the shelter. Displaced people in Windsor also go there for food and most of the time they don’t have enough.”

She added that the WCSS cares a lot about the community as a whole. It’s important to them to know that there are organisations like Humanity First that are willing to assist the needy in the community.

Windsor Community Support Services donated food parcels to the Windsor Shelter.
Windsor Community Support Services donated food parcels to the Windsor Shelter.

“Our mission is improving the area by taking action against the state of decline and to restore the Windsor suburb to its former glory. We are planning a youth day event for next month. We are also busy with our ongoing project ‘Period- packing party’. People come together to pack period supplies to donate to our local primary school, Robinhills Primary. Sanitary pads are still a challenge for young women especially learners miss a week of school every month.”

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