10 Proudly South African Homeware Brands to Support This Christmas

You can get exquisite furniture pieces for your home at reasonable prices from local brands.

Decorating your home can be a passion project that involves creativity and fun. This process can be even more exciting when you realise just how many South African homeware brands there are to choose from. After all, our country is filled with an abundance of talent and creativity, and it only makes sense to reflect that in your home.

Here are 10 South African companies you should consider supporting this Christmas:

1. Retrend

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Retrend is a vintage furniture and decor shop. If you’re aiming to make your home look like a mid-century time portal with chic antiques, this proudly South African homeware brand is your go-to. From gorgeous painting and decor items to well-crafted and high-quality furniture, it’s guaranteed that every piece you purchase here will remain timeless, even in the years to come.

Retrend sells an array of retro products online and in-store.

2. Mungo

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Mungo sells bespoke quality woven products such as tablecloths, towels, throws and blankets, linen, and washcloths. Unlike buying these items from a store that has mass-produced them in a factory, Mungo ensures that every single one of its products are handwoven with love at the Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.

This South African company aims to be as transparent as possible with its manufacturing process, ensuring quality and long-lasting products, which are ethically produced and have as little damage on the environment as possible.

3. Native Decor

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Native Decor, founded by Vusani Ravele, is a sustainable furniture and decor company that aims to create avant-garde designs that are functional within the home. You can purchase homeware such as bedside tables, office furniture, shelves, mirrors, lighting, and other items by shopping online on Native Decor’s website.

4. Young at H-art Interiors

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If you’re looking for handmade wooden furniture that is unique and works well in your home, Young at H-art should be the South African brand on your radar.

Handcrafted by a team in Johannesburg, Young at H-art takes time to create products that will not only satisfy its customers but will also stand the test of time. You can purchase furniture for children’s bedrooms, coffee tables, desks, shelves, and even decor.


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KNUS is a South African home essentials brand that aims to foster feelings of homeliness and comfort through its products. This company works with 90 independent South African designers and makers to create high-end products.

At the current moment, KNUS has approximately 8000 handcrafted decor and furniture pieces on sale from around the country, which are unique and have been chosen based on a set of strict criteria.

Available to shop online, expect a range of home decor, furniture, and kitchen and bathroom essentials on the KNUS website.

6. Andsara

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Inspired by Indian fabrics, Andsara offers a lifestyle collection of cushions, bedding, table linen, tea towels, clothing and brass. At the forefront of Andsara’s manufacturing process is ethical production, environmental sustainability, quality craftsmanship, and classic design.

Andsara offers online shopping on their website and even gifts users with R50 off their first purchase.

7. Deco SA

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Deco SA is an online South African homeware store whose premise is to provide convenience and inspiration to its customers to beautify their personal space. The company produces trendy home designs that are bound to have your home looking like a Pinterest mood board!

8. Craft emarket

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Craft emarket promotes local designers and artists by giving them a platform to sell their work. This brand is focused on sustainability, as they often repurpose items. You can purchase quality cutting boards, mugs, shelves, decor and more on Craft emarket.

9. Esque

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Esque, derived from the word picturesque, believes that great furniture and decor designs should be available to everyone, regardless of their class. Esque offers custom-made and high-quality imported products in different price brackets, which means you’re bound to find something you can afford.

From mirror, art, rugs, wallpaper, furniture and decor, Esque certainly has a wide range of homeware items for you to purchase.

10. Monexteriors

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Monexteriors, stylised as MØN, is a South African homeware brand that provides indoor and outdoor furniture and decor pieces, we well as accents that serve a decorative and practical function.

Their products have been designed and curated to match the standard South African home’s design, which is characterised by an open plan floor and a spacious patio. On sale are area rugs, bookshelves, decor accents, furniture covers, and many more. Out of the hundreds of products available to purchase online, you’re bound to find something you like.

Supporting proudly South African homeware brands goes beyond fitting your home with an aesthetic that matches where you’re from, it’s also about helping small businesses create job opportunities for artists and designers. The next time you decide to decorate your home, be sure to purchase from one of the stores above and play a part in boosting the local economy. And, if you’re looking for a new home to put all this lovely local décor in, visit to browse thousands of properties for sale and to rent in SA.

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