FNB warns against downloading of unknown remote access apps

FNB warns against downloading of unknown remote access apps


FNB is warning consumers about the dangers of downloading remote access apps on their mobile devices, as this exposes them to risks of fraud. According to FNB, remote access scams are on the rise as consumers are tricked into compromising the security of their information and financial credentials.

Giuseppe Virgillito, FNB Head of Digital Banking, says, the modus operandi targets unsuspecting users, particularly seniors, by coercing them to automatically download remote software onto their devices under the pretense that it is a ‘security app’ they are installing for their protection. In some instances, remote access request may be obtained via a phone call or SMS that is designed to cause panic by offering you help to stop fraudulent transactions on your bank account. The success of this fraud requires cooperation from the user to install a remote access app, and sadly, some consumers fall for these tricks and end up compromising credentials, he says.

FNB reminds consumers that a reputable financial institution will never ask for the following:

  • Ask for remote access to your device.
  • Ask you to verbally confirm your PIN and passwords for your devices.
  • Ask you to share your banking credentials such as Card & CVV number, PINS, OTPS, passwords and usernames
  • Move money between accounts for safekeeping.

“Our utmost priority is to protect our customers and empower them to protect themselves. We monitor such scams 24/7 and have made it our responsibility to educate our customers as well as warn the public. The prevention of fraudulent activities such as remote access, phishing, vishing, and many more, requires financial institutions and consumers to work together.  People can learn about the most recent fraud scams and how to avoid them through our trusted digital platform under the Security Centre tab.

We encourage all consumers to familiarise themselves with methods that criminals use to defraud unsuspecting victims. More importantly, we urge consumers to protect their personal information at all times. Our customers can use any of our banking interfaces to immediately report any suspicious activity on their bank accounts. Customers can also use the FNB App to change their PIN/Passwords, temporarily stop or cancel their cards if they suspect that their credentials may have been compromised,” concludes Virgillito




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