Weekend viewing

This weekend, we have three movies that would be worth your time. Start with an adventure in the spirit of Sex & the City and Girls Trip. Then watch a chilling documentary which caused global panic after two new aircrafts crashed within five months. Or opt for a thrilling British war drama that’s based on true events.

A woman moves to Mauritius to pursue her PhD after a painful breakup with her boyfriend. While there, she goes on a series of very hilarious dating encounters, only to realise that the key to her happiness is first to be comfortable in her own skin. Singleholic is now showing at a cinema near you.

A searing investigation of a once-iconic company and its tragic failures, Downfall: The Case Against Boeing exposes how Wall Street’s influence and Boeing’s crumbling internal culture resulted in two historic plane crashes, 346 fatalities, and a shocking cover-up. Watch it on Netflix.

British intelligence agent Thomas Miller must stop the repatriation of a few students to Germany after he is framed for murder and embroiled in an espionage scheme. Catch Six Minutes to Midnight on Showmax.


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