Five emergency numbers your children must know

Make sure these numbers are saved on their phones and displayed at home.

If you couldn’t take leave during these school holidays and feel stressed about the children being at home alone or with your nanny, make sure they know who to contact in the event of an emergency by giving them access to these five numbers: 

  1. Police: Check with your police station to find out if they have specific contact numbers allocated for certain clusters, especially when you are living in relatively big policing districts. 
  2. Fire station: Fires can quickly get out of control, so have the number of the nearest fire station at the top of the list. 
  3. Ambulance: Find out which ambulance service is the fastest and most reliable in your neighbourhood and add their number on the list in case of a medical emergency. 
  4. Armed response company: If you have a panic button in the house, make sure your children know where it is. Check with your security company if they have a specific number to call if the kids feel unsafe. Make sure they know what the alarm password is, should there be a false alarm.
  5. Neighbourhood watch: Find out if your area has an active neighbourhood watch and who to contact if assistance is needed. Also introduce your children to the neighbours and add their contact numbers and names to the list.

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