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Road safety tips

Driving techniques that can save your life

Millions of people go on leave at the same time during December, all of whom are trying to get to their holiday destination.

Here are some safe driving techniques that you can implement to stay safe on the road:

– Make sure that you keep calm at all times and forgive other drivers their mistakes. Road rage is an unnecessary evil for long roads.

– Make sure that you are constantly aware of other road users, the conditions of the road itself and your speed. Some roads such as the Midlands Meander and Chapman’s Peak require a lot of concentration and speed control.

– Good, clear visibility is vital. Make sure that your windscreen is cleaned as often as possible by stopping at your nearest petrol station.

– Stopping as often as possible is also good to stretch and refresh the mind.

– Ensure that all head – and tail lights are in working order.

– Check your car’s oil, water and tyre pressure before getting on the road.

– Keep emergency numbers handy in case medical help is needed.

Information sourced from Arrive Alive: https://www.arrivealive.co.za/pages.aspx?i=2015&page=Driver-Instructor-Insight

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