Zuma is looking forward to meeting protesting students

PRETORIA – Jacob Zuma says that he will welcome students at the seat of government.

President Jacob Zuma said that he is looking forward to meeting student leaders of the #FeesMustFall movement. Students are currently travelling to the Union Buildings to ask Zuma to make free education a reality. Thousands of students have taken 80 buses from Joburg to Pretoria, for the historical event.

A statement issued on behalf of the Presidency said, “President Jacob Zuma will today, 23 October 2015, meet with student leaders as well as vice chancellors and chairpersons of university councils to discuss the stalemate with regards to university fee increases.

“A proposed increase in university fees has angered students, given the financial difficulties faced by students from poor households. University fees are determined by universities independently of government, due to their legal status which makes these institutions autonomous.

“The President will use the meeting to gain a first-hand account from students about issues that are of concern to them which affect their capacity to learn and do well at the institutions. He will also listen to the leadership of the universities on their views on the matters.

“President Zuma also welcomes the gathering of students at the seat of government, the Union Buildings today.”

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