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Police educate children about the dangers of bullying

ROBINDALE – Protecting the little ones' futures.

Bullying is one of the most serious issues plaguing schools all around the country.

Schools have placed an enormous amount of resources in attempting to combat bullying among their learners.

Linden Police Station’s Social Outreach Unit has become involved in schools in the community, talking to the children and encouraging them not to harm or hurt one another.

Not only does the unit tackle bullying but other issues plaguing children at schools such as drug and alcohol use and abuse as well as stealing.


Constable Takalani Matumba chats to the young children from Sparks Schools Cresta.

Linden police spokesperson, Takalani Matumba is part of the unit and she recently visited Spark Schools Cresta and spoke to the children on the topics, pleading with them not to trust strangers and to report their problems to adults.

“My job is to take care of the young ones and to show that we care about their futures,” said Matumba.

“But we must educate our young ones in a fun and entertaining manner while stressing the seriousness of the issue. We want to protect our children and keep them safe at all times.”

The constable danced and had fun with he children while teaching them.

For assistance, contact the Linden police on 011 888 9211.

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