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Honeydew CPF calls for community support

HONEYDEW – The CPF encourages residents to join their patroller programme.

The Honeydew Community Police Forum would like to encourage more residents to join their patroller programme.

The programme is an initiative to increase visibility in community patrolling throughout the Honeydew policing precinct. “We have prearranged nights where volunteers go out onto the streets in teams to patrol for potentially criminal activity. Our patrollers are the eyes and ears for the police, and if there are any incidents, they are reported immediately to the correct people,” said the Honeydew CPF’s Michael Steyn.

Steyn said there is currently 50 volunteer patrollers in the team, with 15 to 25 active patrollers each night.
“They are on the road for a half-night shift, and the main aim of the programme is to deter crime through greater visibility,” he said.
The CPF would like to extend an invitation to those that are willing to support the CPF in the programme.

“Volunteers are residents who live in the Honeydew policing precinct, and if anyone would like to participate in the programme, this would be encouraged. They are also welcome to try out for one night to see if the programme is for them,” he continued.
Steyn added that there is always a need for local businesses to sponsor the programme.

“Our volunteers do a fantastic job at assisting the community where they can, but there is always a need for safety equipment, such as high-visibility jackets, bulletproof vests, torches, traffic cones, and more.”

Steyn added a message of support for the Honeydew and wider community encouraging residents to remain safe during the Covid-19 Level 3 lockdown, and continue to adhere to hygiene and safety protocols.

Details: Sponsorships – Michael Steyn 084 496 3852; Volunteering – Jon Rosenberg jon@jrestates.co.za

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