The school welcomes its first head prefects

MALANSHOF – The names of the learners who will be leading the Seren House Cottage School are announced.

Seren House Cottage School in Malanshof announced the school’s first head prefects.

Seren House is an IEB registered private school now in its fourth year and has grown to three full campuses and welcomes its first year Grade 12 learners. Given the growth of the school, it has become important to have four learners to lead the Middle Campus prefect group and Senior Campus SRC (School Representative Council).

The prefects were announced by the school’s principal Dr Eirwen Oswald with great pride.
Kiara Naidu (head of SRC) and Samantha Erasmus (deputy head) will lead the Senior Campus SRC made up of Grade 11 and 12 learners.
The SRC is elected by the learners’ body and ratified by the Seren House staff.
For both Kiara and Samantha, the honour bestowed on them has encouraged them to pass forward the support and nurture they have felt in the school.

Head prefects of Seren House Middle Campus are Anya van Greunen and Caleb Kruger. Photo: Supplied

“I love coming up with ideas to better the school and I like getting to know the other students on a more personal level, especially the ones that are still navigating high school and friendships. My goal is to encourage the students to never stop believing,” said Kiara.
Samantha added, “I am so honoured to have received the role of deputy head. Seren House has helped me blossom and flourishes in ways I never thought possible. Being in a position of leadership has encouraged me to be a role model to all the students around me.”
For the Middle Campus (Grade 4–7), Anya van Greunen and Caleb Kruger were named head girl and head boy respectively.
Oswald congratulated the head prefects.

“To be able to identify and acknowledge children who are not only leaders but who are honest, diligent, kind and loyal is such an honour. Wishing you all the best in your new roles,” said Oswald.

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