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Dogs’ day vaccination against rabies in Honeydew

Honeydew community dogs are vaccinated against rabies at Emthonjeni in Honeydew.

Rabies is a contagious disease that claims the lives of many animals across the world.

Many communities are unable to afford and take care of their dogs through dog clinics.

However, the Honeydew community dogs received the dog vaccination for rabies and other dog diseases at their nearest, Emthonjeni Community Centre in Honeydew on June 13. The rabies disease is known for killing people and animals.

The fight against rabies continues as dogs receive vaccinations. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

It is said the disease can be transferred from dogs to humans through a bite from an infected rabid dog. Doctors advise dog owners to get a vaccination for their pets, specifically for rabies.

“We are out here to help the community of Honeydew to avoid contracting one of a few dangerous dog diseases – rabies, including distemper and parvovirus – due to the increasing reports of rabies as a cause of death in the world,” explained Dr Rob Fouché from Randfontein branch.

Rabies antibiotics are given to dogs by Dr Rob Fouché at Emthonjeni Community Centre in Honeydew. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

“Many people die from rabies annually and sadly it’s almost always kids, because the rabid dogs look friendly sometimes, they look pleasant, and kids try to approach those dogs and they end up getting bitten and, unfortunately, they could contract rabies.
“There is no cure for the disease so it’s usually fatal, and that’s why it is of utmost importance to dog owners to vaccinate their dogs, particularly for rabies.”

Dogs at the Emthonjeni Community Centre in Honeydew are taken care of. Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

The community is advised to spot basic rabies symptoms:

  • Rabid dogs look friendly sometimes
  • Fever
  • Sore throats and cough
  • Headache
  • Saliva secretion
  • Vomiting and nausea
Honeydew dogs are vaccinated at the Emthonjeni Community Centre in Honeydew to avoid dog diseases, Photo: Karabo Mafatshe

Fouché said a person who is infected with rabies is urged to seek medical attention.

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