Taking on school, philanthropy and pageantry

JOBURG – Sherianne Pillay is talking heritage on the path to Miss Heritage SA.


Sherianne Pillay is no stranger to the world of pageantry and is now looking to secure her title as Miss Heritage SA.

This comes shortly after becoming Miss Heritage Gauteng.

Pageantry is not all she’s about, however, she also runs an initiative called Princess Diaries through which she councils young women and gives back to the community by taking disadvantaged children on outings and hosting motivational talks at various schools.

“Princess Diaries is growing from strength to strength. On 28 August I took kids from the Dorah’s Ark Children’s Home on a trip to the Hector Peterson Museum. And on 4 September, I took kids from Frank’s Haven to the Mandela House on Vilakazi Street,” she said.

As a South African with roots in India, she aims to showcase her heritage as well as that of South Africa in her role as Miss Heritage Gauteng.

“I’d like to raise awareness about heritage. A lot of emphasis is placed on 24 September [Heritage Day], however, the other 364 days of the year we tend to forget about this essential element. Heritage is intricately linked to our identity, culture, renowned sites, our past, our heroes and even cultural expression including music and art,” she explained.

Representing South Africa’s heritage to the rest of the world would be an exciting opportunity for her to really showcase the diversity of the country on a world stage.

“I am a purpose driven individual and being born in 1994, I have hope in building a better South Africa. As Miss Heritage SA, I will constantly strive to represent South Africa in the best way I can. In so doing, raising awareness about our country’s heritage and diversity.

“The Miss Heritage SA title will award me the privilege of a broader platform to influence our country on a larger scale. I hope to make South Africa proud and become a role model for the next generation.”

As a fourth-year Wits University student, she is learning that life is a balancing act and aims to always give each of her projects as much attention as she can.

“Being involved in community outreach, serving and participating in pageants, while studying, has taught me the importance of a well-balanced life. I know that these learnings will benefit in the years to come.”

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