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Friendship Haven gets Christmas Party

Friendship Family Church holds a well deserved Christmas Party for the residents of Friendship Haven.

On the 9th of December, the Friendship Family Church treated residents of the Friendship Haven old age home to a church service and a tea-come-breakfast.

The party was to celebrate the end of the year for all the residents of the old age home – it was their annual Christmas party.

Tables were set for residents and a feast of little nibbles were prepared for them. They were waited on hand and foot by kitchen staff. The table included home made samosas, chili bites, cupcakes, and more.

Chatter filled the room and gave residents a time to break bread with their neighbors and friends. Residents of Friendship Haven were excited about taking pictures. Rebbecca Mekoa went as far as to request for a picture be taken of her on her cellphone which she finds too troublesome to work on her own. A photo was then taken of her and she got an impromptu phone technology lesson.

In addition to this, people from the old age home were snapped taking big bites of their food and posing with those close to their heart.

While the residents of Friendship Haven were enjoying their breakfast, a gift was handed over to Friendship Family Church for making a lovely breakfast possible.

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