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Government sowing back into the community

Around 50 students receive full government funding for 2015.

Skills development in Finsbury has been taken to the next level.

“We have been blessed to have received full government funding for 2015 for over 50 of our students from SETA for Discretionary Grant Funding for unemployed people in rural areas,” said Rose Khumalo, founder and owner of Roseline Interiors and Catering – an accredited service provider on skills development in Finsbury.

The facility has a skills development centre and has in the past conducted training for the Department of Labour for both Gauteng South and Gauteng North. They offer Business Management Skills, Sewing, Upholstery, Beadwork, Sewing Machine training, Pattern reading and Fabric Painting.

The bursaries will include all class fees, materials and items needed for the year of 2015. One of the students is Duncan Sebino, 30, from Hilllside who walks around 10km to the centre every class. Duncan was has been unemployed for many years.

“There are very little job opportunities where I live so I was very interested and excited when Rose approached me with this course. The fact that I have been sponsored by the Government has given me a new lease on life and an opportunity to get ahead in life whilst living out my creativity,” Duncan told the herald.

“We want to give the people here the relevant training needed to one day run their own successful businesses. Business Management is one of the skills needed to be able to ask their business accountants and managers the right questions and to be part of all the business making decisions,” Said Jasper Skosana, the Business Management lecturer.

Rose wanted to let the people know that the Government doesn’t always just take money from the people but in this instance they have actually given back and in that way have changed the lives and futures of over 50 people on this occasion.

“This gesture shows our community that our leaders are taking empowerment at grass-root level seriously,” Rose concluded.

At the end of the course the graduates will receive a General Education and Training Certificate in Clothing Manufacturing Processes, which is nationally recognized.

If you want to get involved or want more information please contact Rose on 079 404 8065.

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