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R’fontein singer tries her hand at writing

Linda Kilian has proven she has an extensive set of skills.

In the movie Taken, Liam Neeson said,

“[W]hat I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career”.

In addition to Linda Kilian‘s particular set of singing skills, she has proved she also has a way with words.

The Randfontein music sensation has now broadened her horizons and has tried her hand at writing.

Nykky Naudé and Jade O'Moor enjoying each other's company at Linda Kilian's book launch.
Nykky Naudé and Jade O’Moor enjoying each other’s company at Linda Kilian’s book launch.

The award-winning artist has made a contribution to a book entitled God is Groot. It is a daily devotional for women, towards which 52 different women of all ages contributed. Linda’s contribution is on page 61.

The book officially launched on Saturday, 1 October at the Boomhuisie restaurant in Krugersdorp.

Marcelle Mans unwrapping a CD given to her by artist Lufono M Singo.
Marcelle Mans unwrapping a CD given to her by artist Lufono M Singo.

Linda’s guests were treated to a breakfast at the eclectic restaurant and books flew off the signing table, each with an autograph from Linda.

Her newest offering to the music world, Hoor Jy My, was also available at the book launch, which meant fans got more than they bargained for when attending the launch.

Now that the book is on sale, the singer will be focusing her energies on her upcoming shows. One of her most recent shows was at Aardklop and still to come is her performance at the Stella Beesfees.

The Herald had a chat with André, her husband, manager and owner of Mad Entertainment, and it is clear how Linda manages all the projects she is currently juggling – she has a strong support system at home.

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