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Baby sanctuary celebrates one-month existence

'Thank you to each and every person who went out of their way to ensure the well-being of the toddlers'.

Just In Time Baby Sanctuary recently celebrated its first month of life with lots of good news.

Since the sanctuary’s opening they have been able to assist five infants with a place of safety, providing them with a safe and loving home while social services investigate the circumstances surrounding their plight.

They are currently in the process of registering their own NPO. As this is a lengthy process, Just In Time has recently joined hands with Sy Volle Lewe Bedieninge, a registered NPO and ministry. This NPO’s mission and focus is to assist the less fortunate and most vulnerable of the society, which falls perfectly in line with Just In Time’s focus. This will allow the sanctuary to approach businesses for sponsorships and donations.

Georgina Caetano, founder of Just In Time Baby Sanctuary is truly grateful for the community’s generosity and kindness. The sanctuary has received various donations of clothing, nappies, toys, a beautiful home and soon, a vehicle.

“This is a huge weight off our shoulders and will ensure our babies are transported in safety,” she said.

Just In Time has also received further cash donations and financial assistance.

“Thank you to each and every person who went out of their way to ensure our toddler brother and sister were clothed and were able to receive medical attention,” Georgina said.

However, monetary donations are vital to this organisation for electricity, water and other utilities.

If you are interested in donating to this organisation, contact Georgina on 062 045 8219 or send an email to georgina@justintime.org.za.

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