Stink down Main Reef Road

Sewage leaking along Main Reef Road is affecting business owners.

The smell of sewage on Main Reef Road is becoming a concern for business owners.

Imraan Dangor, a business owner, explained around three weeks ago, a sewage drain was blocked and sewage has been leaking into the road ever since. He added that the smell gets overwhelming, not to mention that people who visit his business do not pay attention to where they are walking and end up stepping in sewage before entering his shop.

He has reported the issue four times with no reply.

Another resident, Cedrick Ralithaga, explained he lives and works next to where the sewage is leaking. He said he reported the matter to the owner of the building next to the leak. He mentioned business owners in the area have also reported the matter to the municipality.

The sewage flows down Main Reef Road.

Dangor explained he believes the cause of the blockage to be from hair that gets hooked in the drain. He noted there are a few hairdressers in the area and explained the hair does not get disposed of properly. He added he rented one of his shops to hairdressers once and the drain was also blocked, however, at that time he hired a private plumber to unblock the drain.

“The quality of a leader is someone who can recognise a concern before it becomes a problem. This sewage is now a problem,” concluded Dangor.

Rand West City Local Municipality spokesperson Phillip Montshiwa stated, “The municipality is aware of the sewer issues, not only that which the resident reported on. The plan is to resolve all issues as quickly as possible. Apologies for the delay.”

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