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‘Please microchip your pet’ – Animal Aid Warriors

Naomi de Beer from Animal Aid Warriors appeals to the community to microchip their beloved pets.

Animal Aid Warriors spoke out about the significance of microchipping pets.

Director Naomi de Beer stated that not enough pet owners microchip their animals due to the misperception that there are monthly fees afterwards.

She added that people also delay the process since they think the implant consists of a big operation. She stated that it only takes a few seconds for the microchip to be implanted.

According to De Beer, a microchip is about the same size as a grain of rice. The microchip consists of a unique number which is implanted underneath the animal’s skin with an injection. The microchip is scanned to provide the person with the owner’s details. She further explained that the microchip is recognised as proof of ownership and therefore the animal has to be delivered directly to the owner.

Naomi de Beer stated that this is what a microchip injection looks like.

De Beer claimed that microchipping your pet makes the tracking process much easier.

“If your pet goes missing and someone locates them, any NPO or vet can scan the microchip and find the owner. If an animal is not microchipped, one cannot trace the owner. Then the only option is to put a photo on social media and hope someone recognises and claims the animal. If the owner does not come forward, the animal must be kept in kennels,” De Beer said.

Five-month-old Spock has already been microchipped.

One of De Beer’s concerns is the amount of animals being kept in kennels. She stated that some NPOs sit with at least 500 animals. According to her, this problem could have been prevented had the animals been microchipped.

“Give your pet a voice for the rest of its life. A microchip cannot be destroyed and it only takes a few seconds to implant it. Through a microchip, you can track your beloved pet. Any animal weighing more than 100g can get a microchip,” De Beer concluded.

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