Top comedian coming to Silverstar

Enjoy the sane insanity of top local comedian, Joey Rasdien.

Joey Rasdien’s absurd yet thought-provoking stand-up comedy show tackles the touchy subject of evolution and how natural selection has blessed many of the figures that loom over South African life.

Topics under scrutiny range from the devil and Charles Darwin to Julius Malema and Steven Hawking in a show that will make you laugh until tears are rolling down your face.

Joey Rasdien is also a talented actor with much acclaimed roles in Bunny Chow, Dollars and White Pipes and Material.

His latest offering was Biltz Patrolie with David Kau and Kagiso Lesiga amongst others.

He is very popular in big line-up shows such as Mass Hysteria, and Kings and Queens of comedy.

Come and see Rasdien speak at length about his peculiar subject matter with a dose of his sane insanity.

It’s sure to be hysterical, educational and thought provoking.

Joey is the face of a new generation of South African comedy.

He is instantly recognisable thanks to his roles in movies such as Running Riot, Bunny Chow, Vaatjie Sien Sy Gat, Dollars and White Pipes, Blitz Patrollie and Material, which also featured Riaad Moosa.

Don’t miss out on this hysterically-funny show at Silverstar on 07 March 2014.

Doors open at 7pm and the show will kick off at 8pm.

Please note that this show is not for people younger than 18-years.

For more information visit www.silverstarcasino.co.za.

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