Volvo ambassador help create a cleaner world

The World Clean-Up day initiative that began in 2008 saw 50 000 people unite to participate in the cause.

Since its humble beginnings, the initiative has grown dramatically and last year the global event united 17 million people, across 158 countries and cleaned up 88,500 tons of waste, making it the biggest waste collection day in human history. Making a difference locally this year, actress and Volvo ambassador, Jessica Nkosi joined a group of volunteers in Irene, Pretoria for the event held on Saturday, 21 September.

The initiative focuses on creating a positive collaboration and the spirit of unity while cleaning up the planet and creating a cleaner future for the human race. Through activities and campaigns, the organisation hopes to promote environmentally friendly processes in the daily activities of individuals, organisations and businesses as well as inspire them to take part in the annual event to clean up mismanaged waste.

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