Johannesburg church desecrated, allegedly by naked man

The man reportedly displayed erratic behaviour, took off his clothes, entered the church and broke statues.

The Blessed Sacrament Parish in Malvern, east of the Johannesburg CBD, was reportedly targeted by a naked man who broke statues inside the church where matric learners were to attend a Matric Candle Mass yesterday.

Germiston City News has not been able to obtain comment from the church, school or police, however, parents of school learners confirmed the incident, with photos of the damage to church property also surfacing.

One of several desecrated statues.

Reports suggest that the man gained access to the church premises, exhibiting erratic behaviour and causing damage to church property.

Eyewitnesses said he took off his clothes at the entrance of the parking lot and entered the church, prompting those inside the church to run outside and call the police.

The man caused damage to statues and church property.
The man targeted church statues during the incident.

People reported that sounds of destruction echoed outside as the man broke church statues.

The Matric Candle Mass was relocated to a hall and the man was reportedly removed from the church premises by the police.

Another statue that was destroyed.
Statues weren’t the only objects targeted.
More damage at the Malvern church. Photos: Supplied.

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