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Local Amapiano star launches his first solo single

He grew up in a family of musicians who loved to sing, and in church, he played drums and piano.

Local Amapiano star Tumi Sdomane has decided to go solo and will soon release his first single track, “Imizwa”.

Sdomane (24) known as Tumi Motau from Ext 17, Mahube Valley in Mamelodi East has been in the music industry since 2016.

He said he grew up in a family of musicians who loved to sing, and in church, he played the drums and piano.

“Imizwa” is about people who are in toxic relationships.

Sdomane said his passion for music kicked off in 2016 when he decided to venture into Amapiano music.

He said most of his peers were into amapiano music and he was formally introduced to the music by his close friend Sbu.

Tumi Sdomane

His first EP double with 14 tracks, called Ayidume, was released in 2022 and was a success.

He said that with the experience he gained from his first EP, he is now a producer and singer.

Sdomane described his music as amapiano soulful and has a touch of dance in each song he makes.

The date for the release is still to be set, which will be followed by two tracks and an EP called Piano Therapy.

Sdomane said he has shared a stage with the late Vusi MaR5.

His message to the youth of Mamelodi was to stay away from drugs and crime.

“Life is about choices; taking drugs and doing crime can destroy your future. Taking drugs is a choice, and you can quit at any time,” said Sdomane.

He concluded that there is a lot of talent in Mamelodi, and “you can be anything you want in life as long as you put effort and time into it”.

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