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Centurion’s Jade Nova releases Roses

The anticipated song comes after a fundraiser concert last year aimed at kicking off the young artist's career.

Seventeen-year-old Jade Nova from Hoërskool Centurion has released her anticipated single, Roses following a fundraiser a year ago to bring her dreams to reality.

“I am really excited. It has been a year since I wrote it and then did the fundraiser. So it has all been building up to the release of this song,” Jade told Rekord.

At the beginning of 2023, Jade set a goal for herself to focus on her music and chase her dreams.

She set her sights on her school’s annual supper theatre evening, and that night became a defining moment in her musical career as she got to perform her original song.

In October, Jade hosted a fundraiser performance at the school, Roses Raise, kicking off her journey.

“After the fundraiser, I wanted to get the Afrikaans song out to introduce myself.”

In February this year, Jade placed her cards on the table with the release of her debut single, Wie Ek Is.

“I wrote this song about trying to figure out who I am, and the whole teenage experience of discovering your good and bad traits, and things that happen to you during this time.”

Photo: Eon van Zijl / ShotnTime

However, Roses is where she feels she can truly show who she is as an artist.

Roses means a lot to me. I have always written in English, my first single was the first song I wrote in Afrikaans, so this song is something that can show what I can do.”

“It came to a point where when we finished the music video for Wie Ek Is, I felt I had to immediately get started on the next step. This is my biggest passion, Roses means everything to me.”

Following the release of her debut, she said that she has been focussing on building her brand and defining herself as an artist.

While she said that the support she has received from her community has been overwhelming, she is sure that others must think she is crazy.

“I’m like a crazy person in my neighbourhood because I am always out in the street shooting content. “

“I have been working on my brand, and setting out what I want to achieve.”

Apart from the funds raised to bring her dream to reality, her community has been supportive in any way that they could.

Roses was composed by fellow Grade 12 learner, Erhardt Lombard, and the music video and photoshoots were done by another learner Eon van Zijl.

“We had so much fun doing the shoot and the cover shoot for it,” says Jade.

“I appreciate the support that I have gotten from my school, both from the parents and the kids. It is not something I thought would happen, but everyone has come together and helped to make this work.”

“It is not something I expected, but it is so wonderful to know that I have had this amazing support system. I realise that it is not a given, but everyone pulling together to come to the fundraiser, and continue to support me after, has been so special to me.”

Jade hopes to complete her first EP by the time she finishes matric next year before she takes a year to work on her music.

She is also learning how to produce her own songs and learning new skills that she will be able to use as she builds her career.

Watch the video here:

Photo: Eon van Zijl / ShotnTime

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